A while ago, when we first started experimenting with a more female-led-relationship, I put together some guidelines that I (as the submissive party in ‘our new relationship’) was required to stick to. Although the routines of day-to-day family life made it tough to stick to it rigorously, it’s main purpose was to serve as a daily reminder to both of us that our relationship would be taking on a fresh new dynamic centered around my ‘Miss’. I must say, above all else, what makes a female-led-relationship work, for me, is no more masturbating on my own. It loads you with sexual energy, and before long, you’re willing to do just about anything for your woman. If you feel like more background info about how we stumbled into both becoming more and more curious about female-led-relationships, feel free to read my very first post :

Female-led-relationship: Guidelines to being a good domestic servant

- i will no longer masturbate or achieve any kind of orgasm on my own, unless I have specifically been given permission to do so
- i must confess to my Miss if i have masturbated and had an orgasm without Her knowledge so that She may decide if such a violation of the rules requires me to be disciplined or punished. In all situations, i must always ask my Miss for permission to climax to orgasm, and show acceptance of Her decision by humbly thanking her, regardless of Her decision.

- i must never show disrespect towards my Miss in any way. i must always practice traditional courtesy and attentiveness with my Miss, whether in private or public: open doors, and allow Her to walk through first, wait until She begins eating first, helping Her with her coat, always ask permission to leave Her presence, walk on the ‘gutter’ side of my Miss when on the street, etc.

- i should always know my place. i may respectfully share my opinion on any given topic, but my Miss has the final word on any decisions made.
- In every way possible, and however she needs me to, i will help my Miss lead the relationship.
- i must always be ready, willing and grateful to perform any (or all) household chores for my Miss. These may include:
o    sweep or vacuum all floors and carpets
o    mop all floors
o    dust and polish all furniture or flat surfaces
o    make the bed every day, and clean any clutter away from the bedside tables
o    wash and fold all clothing and linens
o    iron any clothing my Miss would rather not be without for too long 
o    scrub and clean the bathtub
o    scrub and clean the toilet
o    clean the kitchen, lounge and dining area
o    cook and serve a simple dinner; assist in all cooking wherever possible
o    set the table
o    after meals, clear the table and put away the dishes, clean kitchen and dining room
o    turn on & empty the dishwasher 
o    shop for groceries and put them away neatly
o    take the trash downstairs
o    run all errands as directed

- As Her domestic servant, if my Miss has not given me a specific chore list on any given morning, i shall take it upon myself to spend at least one hour each day performing chores from the list above. It is not permissible/advisable to notice untidiness in the house, and remain idle. 
- i will not, for even a second, hesitate in my obedience when responding to my Miss’s wishes or desires. This may include anything from the list above, as well as a foot massage, a neck massage, a back massage, a full-body massage, oral sex, or fetching her a drink or whatever else she needs. my focus on this rule is important to my growth as her submissive.

- i am free to share my thoughts and opinions regarding our agenda, but my Miss will always be entitled to make the final decision regarding any of our plans - She has final say as to when and where time will be made for intimacy, which channel on TV to watch, which restaurant to go to, which movie to see, which friends to entertain, which holiday destination, etc.
- i must keep my face clean-shaven so as not to irritate her while performing oral service, and i am to keep my genital area neatly trimmed at all times.

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