Just a fun collection of selfmade captions and diary fragments documenting my first fragile steps into a more female led relationship, as well as portraying some of my kinkiest fantasies__ I caption pics found on Tumblr, so if it´s your pic, lemme know and I'll remove it...

An introduction to Female-Led Relationships


I know I’ve been fairly quiet on here…but this post is incredible and I wanted to be able to refer to it any time :)
It’s worth the time to read it…

Source: sodangerouslycurious


Here’s a list of 52 humiliating, and often times, emasculating ideas, roleplays or fantasies my wife and I have either thought up, or picked up from various online sources to keep the “cuckold” fires burning, and to keep each sexual experience kinky and intense for all parties…
There are 3 categories:
- Femdom ideas
- ‘Cuckold fantasy’ role-playing
- Actual cuckold scenario’s

The first two categories are all ideas or fantasies you can try out without a third party involved. The last category…, well, let’s just say that’s where it gets really interesting ;-).

Femdom Ideas

♠     Send hubby out shopping to buy you feminine articles (makeup, panties, bra’s, tampons,…) Have him buy condoms, asking the woman behind the counter whether they have “extra small” condoms in stock.
♠    Make him wear female deodorant and/or perfume.
♠    Feminize his name, or come up with a cute ‘girly’ name to call him, and use it regularly.
♠    When eating out, choose his meals for him, and be the one to give the waiter the order.
♠    Have him paint your toe nails, and then have him paint his own.

♠    Insist that he sit down at all times when using the toilet.
♠    Make him carry your handbag occasionally when in public.
♠    Invite your friends over for a drink and have hubby serve all of you. Tease him while doing so: “be a good little hubby and make us all a drink won’t you? – good boy…”
♠    Make him kneel in front of you regularly, to beg for something (to let him out his chastity cage, to give you oral sex, to massage your feet, to get any kind of sexual favours,…etc).

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