Just a fun collection of selfmade captions and diary fragments documenting my first fragile steps into a more female led relationship, as well as portraying some of my kinkiest fantasies__ I caption pics found on Tumblr, so if it´s your pic, lemme know and I'll remove it...

I’d say, on average, my wife fucks me with a strapon two, maybe three times a year. The last time she fucked me, she pushed all our average sized dildo’s aside, and reached straight for our 9 inch “Mr Marcus” black dildo. As I felt the big, thick cock head press forcefully against my ass opening, I can honestly say I was sure there was no way it was going to fit… Minutes later, she had me bent over, face down, ass up, grasping onto as much of our living room carpet a I could as she repeatedly thrust the entire 9 inches deep inside my ass. So yeh, it hurt as first, but in all our years of strapon play, I’ve never cum so hard…   

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